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In 1520, there appeared in Saxsonia, a sect called "Anabaptists." It gets its name from the custom of baptizing everyone who joins them. It started to practice the principal of "freedom," not only of religion, but also freedom from society and politics. They did not hesitate to use force and violence to obtain their understanding of "freedom." Using those definitions, they started to overthrow the civic government, social relations and developed complete "equal rights" in the use of all property and even marital relations. This sect represented a revolutionary social-political organization, that used religion as a "cover up". The action of this sect and teaching of its ministers brought about armed revolts, killings and robberies. In the city of Munster (Germany), some baker proclaim himself as a king and renamed the city "New Jerusalem" and his kingdom as "New Zion." He sent 28 "apostles" to conquer all people in his region. In order to equate all in education he ordered to burn all libraries and destroy any work of art. The Christian churches were destroyed, clergy and more wealthy people were killed. This "kingdom" ended in 1535, by armed storming of the city and executions of all guilty ones. Anabaptism was going into declivity and was partially rescued by a former Roman Catholic priest by the name of Menno Simons who became an Anabaptist. He introduced stricter discipline, still baptizing newcomers, avoided civil oath, military and civil services and evaded dealing with courts. Mennonites exist in Holland, Russia, England and the United States where they are distinguished by strict moral behavior, decency and hard work. Anabaptists like the Baptists reject infant baptism.

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