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Jehovahís Witnesses (A religion of protest)

This sect is hostile to Christianity and Christian government. It had its origin at the end of the 19th Century, and began to grow in 1930, in the United States and from the very beginning operated with enormous financial resources. Its publication, called the "Watch Tower" is published in 27 languages and has representatives in 150 countries. Jehovahís Witnesses use the New Testament terminology, but their teaching has nothing in common with any form of Christianity. It is a mixture of religious and political elements. The Church of Christ they call the "Satan Organization" and they themselves call witnesses to Godís anger and Godís revenge against the Christian Church. They preach quick destruction of Christian Churches and Christian nations. On a political field, "Witnesses" openly show marxist ideology and demagogy. They unconditionally promise social equality, poor and rich equalization, work for all, abundance of food, absence of exploitation, end of all wars etc. Their aim is ó world power. While criticizing the American system and similar systems, they are totally silent on contemporary atheistic countries and movements. It is one of the most authority ridden religious bodies in the world. Members are told what to find in the Bible, blood transfusions must be rejected and Dogmas may be changed. Their teaching appears to be a conscious plan for the destruction of Christian culture and any Christianity in government. (See more details in booklet # 65).

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