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Athos Monks[play]
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Faith, Godís providence, prayer.

2. To whatever extent a person draws close to God with his intentions, is to what extent God draws close to him with His gifts.

2. A handful of sand, thrown into the sea, is what sinning is, when compared to Godís Providence and mercy. Just like an abundant source of water is not impeded by a handful of dust, so does the Creatorís mercy not defeated by the sins of His creations.

2. The natural that precedes faith is the path toward faith and toward God. Being implanted by God into our nature, it alone convinces us for the need to believe in God, Who had brought everything into being.

6. Those, in whom the light of faith truly shines, never reach such unashamedness as to ask God: "Give us this," or ó "Remove from us this." Because their spiritual eyes ó with which they were blessed by that genuine Father, Who with His great love, countlessly transcends any fatherly love ó continually view the Fatherís Providence, they are not concerned in the slightest about themselves. God can do more than anyone else, and can assist us by a far greater measure than we could ever ask for, or even imagine.

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