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28. Good deeds are intertwined with sorrows. He who walks away from sorrows, undoubtedly separates himself from good deeds. If you desire to perform good deeds, surrender yourself to every type of sorrow, because sorrow gives birth to humility. As long as we havenít attained a true direction, we will be drawing closer to humility through temptations. A person, who enjoys his good deeds without sorrow, is a person to whom the gates of pride are open.

28. A small sorrow for Godís sake is better than a great deed achieved without sorrow. What is done without effort, i.e. Earthly peopleís "correctness" (being benevolent for the outside world, while not acquiring anything beneficial within themselves). But you commit yourself privately and imitate Christ, so that you may become worthy to savor His glory. The mind will not be glorified with Christ if the body doesnít suffer with Him.

28. If a soul is feeble and lacks sufficient strength for enduring great temptations and therefore asks God not to be exposed to them, and God hears it ó then know surely, that by whatever measure the soul lacks sufficient strength for great temptations, is the same measure it lacks sufficient strength to cope with big endowments. Because God does not grant big endowments without great temptations. God determines temptations commensurate to endowments.

28. God is close to the heart of the one that cries out to Him in sorrow. Even if a person is sometimes exposed to some type of physical deprivations or other sorrows, God manifests all types of compassion to the soul, commensurate to its level of suffering.

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