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Passions, cleansing of the conscience, non-accretion.

21. There are physical passions as well as spiritual ones. The physical ones are caused by the body, while the spiritual ones from external subjects. However, love and abstinence severs one and the other: love ó the spiritual, while abstinence ó the physical.

21. Vainglory and avarice mutually give birth to one another, because some are enriched through vainglory, while others, having become rich, become boastful.

23. Do not neglect your conscience, which is always advising you for your own good. It offers you Godly and angelic advice, liberates you from clandestine defilements of the heart, and at the departure from this world, will give you boldness toward God.

26. There are three reasons for the passion toward riches: indulgence, vanity and disbelief, among which disbelief is the most powerful. An indulgent individual loves riches because it helps him enjoy himself; the vain individual ó so that he can become famous; while the disbeliever, so that he can save it for a "rainy day." Fearing famine, old age, sickness, eviction etc., he relies more on his accumulated wealth than on God, Who created everybody and cares for all, even the smallest creatures.

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