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Learning about God.

7. In wanting to theologise, do not attempt to understand God in His essence because that is unattainable, not only for the human but any other mind. As far as possible, ponder over His nature: eternal, infinite, unfathomable, virtuous, wise and His almighty power that directs everything and justly judges everyone. After all, he who learns ó even a little ó about Godís nature, is already a great theologian among people.

7. Self-centeredness closes the path toward knowledge. If you want to be genuinely wise and not be a slave to your own self-centeredness, then attempt to learn that which is concealed from your mind. Then, in realizing how many things are completely unknown and strange to you, you will be amazed at your own ignorance and subdue your conceit. Having acknowledged your insignificance, you will be able to learn about many great and wonderful works.

7. Among us there are many talkers, but few achievers. Yet nobody should dare distort the word of God for his own benefit. It is better for him to acknowledge his own weakness and not hide Godís truth, than to become guilty of violating the commandments by warping Godís Word.

7. The Saints attain that, which is unattainable to nature, because nature does not possess qualities to understand that which transcends it. Indeed, the feeling of adoration is not accessible to nature because it is incapable of knowing God. Only Godís grace possesses the ability to communicate adoration to creatures through means accessible to them. Then their nature shines with extraordinary light and through their surfeit of glory, is elevated beyond their natural boundaries.

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