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Humility, vile thoughts, discretion.

30. Let us always have recourse to humility, for the humble lies on the ground, and where would one who lies fall? Whereas a person that has ascended to a great height, can easily fall. If we changed and reformed, it is not from us but is Godís gift, for: "The Lord lifts up the humble."

30. You must regard yourself as the greatest sinner among sinners, who has done nothing worthwhile before God, and reproach yourself at all times, everywhere for everything.

31. To the question that should we argue with thoughts that perturb us, I will answer: Donít argue, because the enemies precisely want this to happen and seeing our altercation, will not cease their attack. It is better if you prayed to the Lord, opening your feebleness before Him and He will not only drive out these thoughts but will eradicate them completely.

36. It is more beneficial to humbly pose questions than to persist with your own will, because the Lord Himself helps the asker what to say ó for the sake of his humility and righteousness of heart.

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