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Striving toward righteousness, self-centeredness.

11. The believer fears God, the fearful acquires humility, the humble becomes meek, through this becoming inaccessible to unnatural movements of anger and passions, the meek observes the commandments, in observing them is cleansed, the cleansed is enlightened, the enlightened becomes worthy of being with the Bridegroom-Word in the treasury of mysteries.

11. Repress the feelings of irritation in your soul with love, deaden the powers of the senses with temperance, and let the power of thought soar with prayer. Then, the light in your soul will never dim.

11. The images of the earthly person (Adam) ó are major vices, such as: senselessness, indifference, intemperance, and falsehood. "Images of the Heavenly person" ó are major virtues, such as: sensibility, fortitude, chastity, and fairness. "And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly." (1 Cor. 15:49).

11. I think to call the end of this life as death is unfair. It should be called more readily as liberation from death, the distancing from the domain of decay, freedom from slavery, cessation of anxieties, severing the struggle, exodus from darkness, rest from labors, shielding from shame, freedom from passions: in a word ó the termination of all evil. Having endured them and reformed themselves through the mortification of the flesh, the Saints made themselves strangers to this life. Because in struggling valiantly with the earthly and the flesh ó with the turmoil that emanates from the emotions having empathy with feelings that generate temptations ó and in crushing them both, they preserved the unconquered worthiness of the soul within themselves.

20. He who conquers the source of passions ó egoism, with Godís help, would easily conquer the other passions: anger, sadness, rancor and others. He who is conquered by egoism, becomes ulcerated with other passions, even if he did not want this.

20. Beginning of all passions is egoism and the end ó pride. Egoism is the foolish love for the body. In severing egoism, the rest of the passions that emanate from it are severed.

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