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Hope, striving toward the truth, patience

10. Not having distinctly experienced Godís patronage, the heart is in no condition to commune with Christ.

10. A person cannot acquire a reliance on God if prior to this, he hasnít fulfilled His will according to oneís own strength. Because hope in God and fortitude is born from witness of the conscience (in God): and only with genuine witness of our mind (in God) can we have trust in Him.

11. God demands not only the fulfillment of the commandments but also ó more importantly ó reformation of the soul, which is the reason why the commandments were given. The body participates equally in good as well as bad deeds, and reason, by its behavior, becomes either righteous or sinful, judging by its disposition.

11. Life in this temporary world is akin to writing letters on a tablet. Everyone, when he wants to, can add or delete words on it or rearrange the letters. But the future life is akin to a manuscript, written on a clean sheet, on which it is forbidden to add or delete and stamped with the kingís seal. Thatís why while we are in this inconstant world, let us be attentive to ourselves. And while we have authority over the earthly manuscript, on which we write with our own hand, let us endeavor to make good additions from a righteous life and delete on it, all the failings of our past actions. This is because while we are in this world, God does not affix His stamp neither to the virtuous nor the evil -up to the hour of our leaving this life.

12. When in remembering his sins a person punishes himself, God looks upon him with affection. God is pleased that for turning away from His path, the individual has conferred punishment upon himself ó this serves as a sign of genuine repentance. And the harder the sinner compels himself, the greater the increase in Godís affection for him.

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