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Humility, acceptance of grievances, temptations

27. If you are holding a grudge against someone, pray for him so that the prayer ó in banishing your sorrow from the inflicted hurt ó halts any rancor developing within you. If you are friendly and loving, you will completely drive out this passion from your soul. When another person is angry with you, be gentle and humble with him, fraternize in a friendly spirit, thereby helping him to rid himself of malice.

27. Depending on how you pray for the one that has denigrated you, God will assuredly reveal the truth to him accordingly.

27. When somebody insults you, beware of angry thoughts, so that in excluding you from love they do not transfer you into the realm of hatred.

28. When the demons observe that we despise earthly things and because of them are unwilling to hate others or fall away from love, they begin to raise slander against us, so that through not being able to endure the vexation, we would hate our slanderers.

28. God is not glorified by that person who reverently honors Him in words only, but by the one, who for His sake and His commandments, patiently endures sufferings and trials. He glorifies God with his life. In receiving the blessing of not having passions ó as a reward for attaching himself to the Saviorís virtues ó such a person is reciprocally exalted by Godís glory. Because, everybody who glorifies God within himself through sufferings for righteousness, and while in a contemplative state ó is himself glorified through Godís pure rays of enlightenment. That is why our Lord, in voluntarily submitting Himself to sufferings, said: "Now the Son of Man is glorified, and God is glorified in Him. If God is glorified in Him, God will also glorify Him in Himself" (John 13:31-32).

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