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Habits, moderation

21. If you have become strongly attached to something, regard that as an acquisition not only in this world, but know that it will go with you into the next world. And if it is something good, be joyous and thank God; however, if it is something wicked, then be distressed and lament. Endeavor to rid yourself of this attachment, while you are still alive.

21. While the bad behavior is still in its infancy and hasnít developed, destroy it before it spreads its branches and matures. While the defect seems minor to you, do not succumb to indifference, because consequently you will find in it an inhuman master before whom you will run like a slave and captive. But the one, who at the beginning opposes the passion, will soon rise above it.

23. He, who in the hope of repentance intentionally sins again, is being deceitful before God: death will befall him unexpectedly and he will not have the time, during which he had hoped to realize his good intentions.

24. Clear your room of all surplus items so as to forcefully teach yourself self-restraint. Sparseness in everything teaches a person self-restraint.

26. He who voluntarily denies himself earthly blessings, to what extent he denies them, is the extent to which Godís mercy shall follow him and support the individualís God-given love of his fellow man.

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